Meet the 2016 JCI Atlanta Board of Directors

Each year, the members of the Atlanta Chapter votes to select its board members.  The board members volunteer to serve the chapter in exchange for powerful, life-changing leadership experience -- and a whole lot of fun.

Brandt Wilson


The President is the CEO and guiding force of the chapter.  The President presides over the Board and holds Board members accountable for fulfilling the mission of the Chapter.


Chris Williams

Chairman of the Board

Immediate Past President. The chairman mentors current President and selects keynote speakers for general membership meetings.

Adrian Marshall

Executive VP

Lee Yu


Lee Yu.jpg

The Executive VP acts as a coach to the other Board members and ensures adequate resources are available to the chapter.

The Treasurer pays and tracks the Chapter's financial obligations, reports account status to the Board, and creates budgets and forecasts. 

Peter Rossi


Victoria Dew

Social Chair 

Recruitment attracts and recruits new members to the Chapter. This person also introduces new members to the Chapter through the orientation program. 


The Social Chair plans and executes Chapter happy hours, holiday parties, and special events. 

Arthur Bush

Community Development

Community Development organizes opportunities for members to make a positive impact on the greater Atlanta community.  

Sarah Al-Sherri


Steven Bush

Individual Development

Promotes the Chapter and its events through various online and offline media outlets.

Individual Development plans and moderates a series of programs related to personal and professional development.

Jordan Suresky


Responsible for supporting Marketing in various communication to members.  

Michelle Kim

Member Services

Supports the retention of current members and communicates Chapter membership statistics to the State and International JCI organizations.