In 2014, we had a great line up of speakers. And now it's our turn to pay it forward to one of our past guests: Chef Alex.

Chef Alex Reethof is the co-founder of the Gathering Restaurant. He has been in the culinary/hospitality industry for over thirty years and performed management opportunities as well as hosted his own cooking show “Back to the Table.”

Chef Alex has recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the Gathering Restaurant-- an Atlanta-based non-profit business providing a “re-generation” opportunity: A second chance for those who seek it. By partnering with Atlanta Missions, a local faith-based homeless shelter, the Gathering Restaurant will employ individuals that have successfully completed transitional programs for drug and alcohol dependencies as well as prison-release programs.

Did you know that homeless statistics in Georgia reflect over 20,000 homeless on a given night? Over thirty five percent (35%) of these are in the metropolitan Atlanta and our goal is to provide vocational opportunities to those that seek it.

The foundation of the Gathering Restaurant is to refill the hope of these unemployed men and women, which will ultimately carry them into being able to find jobs in the hospitality industry. In order to get to the point of job-seeking, these workers will be thoroughly trained in all aspects of the restaurant business with an in-depth emphasis on culinary skills and food-handling. This process will ensure exemplary dishes on the community’s tables, and once the individuals have completed these programs, The Gathering Restaurant will be the key into a restaurant’s door which will begin an entirely new adventure for them; leaving behind the addictions and troubles that kept them from ever moving forward into the workforce.

Contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here: Gathering Restaurant: For Those Seeking a Second Chance


AuthorTunc Kip