Share Your Shameless Plug

At JCI, we want to congratulate all our members on their achievements. But before we can congratulate them, we have to hear about them. That's why we want you to share your Shameless Plug.

Q. What's a Shameless Plug?

A. When you "plug" something, you're talking about an accomplishment or promoting a person, product, event, or anything else. 

So a "shameless plug" is when you plug something at an appropriate time. You get to brag without feeling bad for bragging, because everyone WANTS you to brag. It's pretty awesome.

Q. What should I Shamelessly Plug?

A. You can plug anything that you are proud of, no matter how big or small. Shamelessly plug your career achievements, like your promotion, latest project, biggest sale, powerful partnership, or new job. Shamelessly plug your personal achievements too, like your engagement, marriage, new baby, or new cat. Did you run a marathon? Shamelessly plug it. Did you finally start taking judo classes? Shamelessly Plug it. Did you read the complete works of Shakespeare? Shamelessly Plug it, thou.

Q. Can I Shamlessly Plug someone else?

A. Yes! We encourage all forms of Shameless Plugging. If you know an individual or even a group of people whose accomplishments needs accolades, send it to us. We will brag on their behalf and send congratulations their way.

Q. What do I get in exchange for sending you a Shameless Plug?

A. You'll receive the warm fuzzy tingles that come from being properly congratulated on your achievements. We'll announce your shameless plug in our meetings and newsletters, and maybe even our website and social channels.

Q. Alright, I'm sold. I wanna Shamelessly Plug something. How do I do it?

A. Just fill out this form, click the button, and send your Shameless Plug on its way. It's that easy! 

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